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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the HAWKEN progression system.

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Mech Progression
  • How do I gain mech XP? Your mechs gain XP as you play HAWKEN. You gain XP for many actions during matches, such as destroying and assisting in the destruction of enemy mechs, capturing and controlling objectives, and running energy. XP is awarded at the end of each match.
  • Why isn't my mech XP going up? When your mech gains enough XP to upgrade to a new rank, all XP gained goes into the Overflow XP pool until you upgrade that mech. You can pay for mech upgrades with either HAWKEN Credits (HC) or Mech Credits (MC).
  • What do I get for unlocking new mech ranks? Once you reach a mech's max rank you can purchase the G2 version with HC.
  • What happens to my mech’s experience when it reaches max XP? When a mech has been upgraded to max rank and reaches max XP, all experience earned then goes into the XP Overflow pool. You can spend MC to transfer Overflow XP into the Global XP pool. Global XP can be freely added to other mechs.
Pilot Progression
  • How do I gain pilot XP? You gain pilot experience as you play HAWKEN matches. All the XP your mechs gain during a match is also applied to your pilot level.
Items, Internals, and Weapons
  • Why can’t I equip the item/internal I purchased on my other mechs? Items and internals are purchased for a single mech only.
  • Can I change items/internals during a match? No. You can only equip items and internals in the garage between matches.
  • How do I get HAWKEN Credits (HC)? You earn HAWKEN Credits (HC) by playing the game. At the end of every match, you earn an amount of HC based on the time you spent in the match, along with bonuses for winning and placing highly.
  • How do I purchase Mech Credits (MC)? You can purchase Mech Credits (MC) by visiting the Market page from the main menu. Your MC will be credited to your account as soon as you complete your purchase.