Portable Scanner

The Portable Scanner item deploys a sensor that detects nearby enemies, marking them on your radar and the radars of your teammates. In addition, it provides an audio announcement when enemies come into the scanner's range, and shows where they are on your HUD. The Portable Scanner remains active until it expires, you are killed, or you deploy another scanner.

Portable Scanner

Cooldown: 118 Seconds

  • Mark I (2-Slot)
    The MK-I version of the Portable Scanner has one charge.
  • Mark II (3-Slot)
    The MK-II version has two charges.
  • Mark III (4-Slot)
    The MK-III version has three charges.
Mechs with the Portable Scanner

The Portable Scanner can be purchased in the garage and equipped on any mech.

These mechs come equipped with the Portable Scanner as a standard item.