ISM Disruptor

The ISM Disruptor is a large, top-like projectile that explodes after bouncing around, sending out disrupting radio waves. All mechs caught in the radius of the explosion have their visor functions interrupted for a short time, and are effectively blinded.

ISM Disruptor

Cooldown: 105 Seconds

  • Mark I (2-Slot)
    The MK-I version of the ISM Disruptor has one charge.
  • Mark II (3-Slot)
    The MK-II version has two charges.
  • Mark III (4-Slot)
    The MK-III version has three charges.
Mechs with the ISM Disruptor

The ISM Disruptor can be purchased in the garage and equipped on any mech.

These mechs come equipped with the ISM Disruptor as a standard item.