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  • Central Highway

    The central highway was once part of an inter-city bypass, offering a scenic trip across the massive Prosk biodome. Now it provides a strategic and hotly contested vantage point, as snipers and support units placed here can provide deadly fire to both sides of highway.

  • Concrete Trench

    The sewage trench once routed all waste from nearby districts to a central processing plant. However after the evacuation it has remained dry and merely serves as a choke point for combat units. Steam vents that mask squad movements in the trench are a relic of the reclamation process.

  • Claustrophobic Spaces

    The city of Eugen was not built with military vehicles in mind. The architects planned the area around the civilian needs of thousands of people packed tightly together. When the war began, the streets became claustrophobic kill-zones.

Interactive Map

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Surviving in Prosk

Prosk is large urban city map with sprawling rooftops and a central highway. Pilots can either stay on the ground and engage enemies in narrow city streets or utilize numerous high-ground vantage points to attack foes from above. If you’re looking for a more subtle approach, use the large ditch in the center of the map for cover as you traverse the city.

Pilots should also use caution when speeding across the wide highway that spans the middle of Prosk. While the visibility gained from the highway is useful, cover is sparse. Always be aware of your position and be prepared to retreat to the relative safety of Prosk’s ground level.

Surviving in Prosk
  • Team Deathmatch

    Assist your team in securing the highway and guard the two access ramps to discourage flanking enemies. When fighting from this high ground position, your team can rain down destruction on the enemy team as they attempt to reach you.

    If the enemy team has secured the high ground, climb the buildings near the highway to reach them. Use this tactic to distract the enemy team while the rest of your team makes a forceful push up one of the access ramps.

  • Deathmatch

    When playing Deathmatch on Prosk, remember that surprise is your greatest ally. Utilizing the highway and rooftops is risky, but it can allow you to approach groups of enemies too busy fighting to notice you.

    If you’d rather be more cautious, stick to the edges of the map to limit the directions from which enemies can attack you. Keep an eye on your radar and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.


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Prosk Northern City
Northern City

The northern district of Prosk is more open than the southern area, but still has good defensive positions you can secure. However, make sure you monitor the ditch. If you’re not careful, enemy mechs can use it to creep behind the lines and attack your flank or rear.

Prosk Eastern City
Eastern City

This eastern area of the map has sparse cover, so getting caught out in the open here means serious trouble. Head up the ramps to higher ground for a more secure vantage point. If you’re patient, you may be able to ambush enemy mechs fleeing the battle in search of a safe place to repair.

Prosk Southern City
Southern City

Be cautious when navigating these tight city streets. Not only do you have to stay alert for enemies on the ground, but you must also keep an eye on the rooftops for mechs preparing an ambush. Mechs traveling these streets are also vulnerable to attack from enemies on the highway.