R. Turret

The R. Turret item deploys a stationary rocket turret at the foot of your mech that fires explosive projectiles at enemies that come into range. You receive XP for any kills or assists your R. Turret scores. The R. Turret remains active until it is destroyed, you are killed, or you deploy another turret.

R. Turret

Cooldown: 79 Seconds

  • Mark I (2-Slot)
    The MK-I version of the R. Turret has one charge.
  • Mark II (3-Slot)
    The MK-II version has two charges.
  • Mark III (4-Slot)
    The MK-III version has three charges.
Mechs with the R. Turret

The R. Turret can be purchased in the garage and equipped on any mech.

These mechs come equipped with the R. Turret as a standard item.