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  • Color-Coded Flora

    This sector is divided into two grids, each with its own flora, which can be distinguished by their orange and blue plants. It is still unknown whether the coloring of these two strains provides some natural defense or was simply caused by their proximity to chemicals dumped by Prosk and Sentium.

  • Old-Growth Forest

    Further investigation seems to indicate that the area where the blue plants grow is largely untouched, old-growth forest. Fresh samples recovered from this area give scientists hope they may be able to synthesize antidotes for the toxins affecting troops stationed in the area.

  • Central Pyramid

    The central pyramid is the oldest structure in the area. Seismic scans reveal the base is buried hundreds of kilometers beneath the surface. No entrance can be found and no one knows who or what built it, but that lack of information hasn’t kept the corporations from placing a missile silo on top of this ancient artifact during sieges.

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Surviving in Last Eco

The Last Eco overgrowth may be beautiful, but its dangers nearly rival its beauty. Pilots must remain on constant alert and be prepared for anything that might be lurking in the foliage.

When navigating the map, avoid getting caught in the various tunnels scattered through the foliage. These tunnels are useful shortcuts and can be used for sneak attacks, but have little room to maneuver and can be deadly if you get caught by surprise.

Victory on Last Eco is achieved by the pilots most capable of using the treacherous overgrowth as a weapon against their foes. Utilize the terrain to force enemies to fight on your terms.

Surviving in Last Eco
  • Team Deathmatch

    The most important factor in Team Deathmatch on Last Eco is team cohesion. Stick to your friends like glue and try not to get separated. Lone pilots lost in the forest become easy prey. Your team should attempt to hold an easily defensible position, such as the pyramid.

  • Missile Assault

    Missile Assault on Last Eco can be a challenge. Silo 1 and Silo 3 are both difficult to hold, so your team should focus on securing and holding Silo 2 first. Then you can choose which silo to capture next. However, you should never leave Silo 2 undefended. Losing the pyramid position will put your team at a disadvantage.

  • Siege

    Unlike other maps, the energy stations on Last Eco are positioned close to each other. This means that conflict is inevitable when gathering energy, so be prepared to protect your gatherers. When the battleship launches, attack and hold the AA by using the vantage points flanking the pyramid.

  • Deathmatch

    Piloting in the overgrowth alone is a dangerous job. Pilots who choose to play Deathmatch in Last Eco should stay on the edges of the map when possible and avoid wandering into the center where ambushes are common. A careful and cautious approach is required when navigating this map, because danger could be lurking anywhere.


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Last Eco
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Last Eco Missile Silo 1
Missile Silo 1

Silo 1 has several rock formations surrounding it to aid attackers as they approach, as well as providing a high-ground vantage point to attack defenders. Pilots defending the silo must remain diligent in removing enemies from the high ground.

Last Eco Missile Silo 2
Missile Silo 2

Silo 2 is located at the center of a large pyramid structure. Numerous attack paths lead to the pyramid and rocks aid attackers by providing vantage points. Defenders should stay close to the silo and use the steep inclines of the pyramid to hide from attackers.

Last Eco Missile Silo 3
Missile Silo 3

Silo 3 is similar in layout to Silo 1. Attackers can ascend the rock formations to gain a high-ground advantage, while defenders must keep the vantage points clear from surprise attacks.

Last Eco Sentium Base
Sentium Base

This is the spawn area for the Sentium team. Collect energy from the Energy Trees, and return it to the base to launch the Sentium battleship.

Last Eco Prosk Base
Prosk Base

This is the spawn area for the Prosk team. Collect energy from the Energy Trees, and return it to the base to launch the Prosk battleship.

Last Eco Energy Tree 1
Energy Tree 1

Energy Station 1 is located close to Energy Station 2, which means gathering energy will be more difficult than on other maps. Its high ground position is useful for attacking enemies gathering energy at Energy Station 2.

Last Eco Energy Tree 2
Energy Tree 2

Energy Station 2 is located under a large tunnel in the center of the map. It's located on lower ground and lacks any significant cover, so make sure your team protects energy gatherers.

Last Eco Anti-Air

The AA is vulnerable to attack from all directions, but plenty of options exist to aid attackers and defenders alike. Rocks surrounding the pyramid provide cover and high ground vantage points to attackers. Cunning defenders can use the steep inclines of the pyramid to shield themselves from attack while maintaining control.

Last Eco Southern Tunnel
Southern Tunnel

This tunnel can be very useful when traveling between Silo 1 and Silo 3, as it avoids the center of the map. However, watch out for ambushes. Once you're in the tunnel cover is scarce.

Last Eco Central Tunnels
Central Tunnels

These tunnels are the most direct way to travel between the Central Pyramid and the western side of the map. They are dangerous choke points, however, so use caution when passing through these tunnels, and don't get trapped inside.

Last Eco Central Pyramid
Central Pyramid

The structure itself is located on low ground, but the pyramid rises high enough to give pilots a decent view of the area. Vantage points on the flanks of the pyramid can be used either to defend or attack the position.