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  • Narrow Corridors

    The heavily packed urban corridors of Trentik leave little room for navigation error. The streets snake around the outside of the zone and lead to the center, overlooked by pockets of stacked buildings where residents once lived.

  • Pillar Projects

    This elevated housing project often acts as a staging area for corporate mechs come searching for vitrolium. Crews make camp and loot nearby structures. If enemy units arrive, they can retreat to the Pillar Projects and head down to the inner city.

  • Multi-Level Plaza

    Signs of a hasty evacuation fill the streets here in the hub of the Trentik slums. Discarded vehicles and supply tanks litter the plaza. However, new spires created by the Giga-Structure provide valuable cover in a firefight and allow pilots easy access to the upper areas.

Interactive Map

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The map below depicts the terrain and pathways for Uptown. Use the drop-down menu on the right to toggle between map states.

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Surviving in Uptown

Uptown is a multi-level map filled with tight corners and numerous chokepoints. To achieve victory here, pilots must stay aware of their surroundings at all times.

Be careful not to allow yourself to get trapped in the map’s long corridors while pursuing enemies, and keep an eye on your radar at all times. In Uptown, an ambush could be waiting around any corner.

Surviving in Uptown
  • Team Deathmatch

    Work with your team to gain control of the map’s vital choke points, and always try to hold the high ground. The western section of Uptown gives pilots better awareness and quicker response time to other areas of the map. If it’s necessary to go down one of the many narrow passages, stay alert to make sure your team doesn’t get taken by surprise and trapped.

  • Deathmatch

    When playing Deathmatch in Uptown, try to remain in the map’s more open areas, which are filled with cover. This provides more room and flexibility when engaging enemy mechs. It’s also a good idea to have an escape route in mind that doesn’t send you into a choke point or down a narrow corridor.


  • Uptown Screenshot 1
  • Uptown Screenshot 2
Uptown Highway

Many battles break out on the highway in this southwestern section. Pilots engaged on the highway should consider dropping down to the lower level, which provides more cover and potential escape routes. Just stay out of line-of-sight of enemies above.

Uptown Central Corridor
Central Corridor

This choke point is one of the most commonly contested spots in Uptown, resulting in many tense engagements. The narrow hallway gives pilots fast access through the middle of the map, while the ledge provides strategic higher ground for engaging enemies entering the large center area.

Uptown Dead-End

The eastern section of Uptown has decent cover, but limited avenues for escape. Be extremely careful when engaging enemies in this area, and be prepared to make a tactical retreat before escape becomes impossible.